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Micala Quinn has made a name for herself in the online entrepreneur community. Women around the world find their perfect work-life balance because of Micala’s passion for helping mothers. Micala created an online course geared toward stay at home moms and working moms who want to make money while maintaining the freedom to focus on what is important to them. Despite Micala’s success with her course, she felt as though her website wasn’t accomplishing her main goal, which was conversions. Micala asked me to redesign her website to grow her email list, convert opt-ins to conversions, and add a page specifically to pitch to media outlets.

To focus on these conversions, I redesigned Micala’s homepage. Previously, there was only one opt-in option. We expanded the options from one to multiple to generate a larger email list. Micala offers three free resources as a way to add people to her email list. By positioning these resources at the top of the page, people are immediately encouraged to sign up for the resources then become educated through the email list. While working with Micala on her vision for her page, we knew we wanted to emphasize on the different testimonials and success stories of Micala’s students. Visitors to the page who see real-life women achieve their goals are more likely to convert to paid customers. Once I emphasized the opt-ins and highlighted these success stories, I simplified and streamlined everything else. Micala’s home page was transformed into an attractive yet straightforward page that focused on the two areas we predicted would generate conversions.

“I love the way it looks. I love the way it feels. I am proud to send people to my website, but most importantly, I love that the traffic is converting so much better!”

-Micala Quinn

Micala’s redesign took place in December of 2018. The month following this redesign, Micala’s email list grew and her revenue from the courses doubled. These numbers have stayed consistent since then, and the email opt-in conversions are up over 323%. These conversions have consistently increased over the past six months. Because of the redesign, I was able to help Micala grow her email list and convert her sales funnel audience to paying customers. The third result from the site redesign was the increased media exposure. With an added media page, Micala secured media coverage on a local news station to share her message and her resources with a wider audience.

“We updated my website 6 months ago and front page opt-ins have increased 323%. This has had a major impact on my business revenue which has almost tripled since the previous months — and we are still growing!  I also have been able to secure a few local media features and believe my website had a part in securing that.”

-Micala Quinn

Check out the live site at MicalaQuinn.com

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