Are you ready to launch or pivot your business &…

Discover how to Become a Stand Out Designer

… EVEN if you have no formal training, coding knowledge or fancy design skills required.


Have you ever dreamed of building your own web design business?

One where you wake up to client inquiries filling up your inbox?

One that provides for your family, fills up your cup, and excites you every dang day?

If you’re thinking yes! That’s me! … then why haven’t you started yet?

let me guess how you're feeling...

You’re reading blog posts and watching Youtube tutorials all about how to build a website (without actually taking any action)

Searching Pinterest for design inspo for when you actually book your first client

Opting in to every freebie and free resource you can get your hands on which will surely die in your Promotions folder

Scoping out other successful designers websites which sends you into an imposter syndrome spiral “But I don’t have a degree in graphic design”, “Clients of that caliber would never book with me”, “I’ll never be as successful as her”



Ugh, friend, it’s time to dig yourself out of that hole and kick the negative mindset to the curb.

I know how you feel because I’ve been there...

and I'm here to let you know it's totally possible and you can start now.


Back in 2018, I was an overworked, underpaid virtual assistant who was ready and willing to do anything my clients would pay me to. But I was feeling exhausted and unfulfilled - research this, respond to these e-mails, Tailwind ran out of Pinterest pins - fill it up!  When my clients said “jump” I’d have to run to the computer, put out the fire, and help them check off their to-do list.

Then one day I realized my business was controlling me and that was the exact reason I left my corporate job. I was never able to focus 100% on my kids or my jobs and I was juggling all the things and none of them well. I wanted a simpler business - one where I focused on one thing, fewer clients, but actually being able to give them the gratification of a big transformation.


I had that itching feeling (I’m sure you feel it too) I knew I was ready for more in my business. More impact, more money, and more fulfillment.

I had my eyes set on a web design business - It seemed like the perfect solution. It’s such an in-demand service and you only have to take on a few clients at a time.

After months of trial and error of pivoting my business, I went ALL IN. I was able to build my portfolio and triple my rates from $30/hr to $100/hr in just a few months.

Oh- hi! Have we met?!

I’m Mackenzie


Just 3 years ago, I was an unfulfilled Virtual Assistant looking for more. When I carved out a niche for myself as a branding & website designer my business exploded. I went from managing dozens of clients and collecting $300 retainers here and there, to a six-figure (profit) business with a simple strategy of selling my signature design packages without hiring a team.

Pivoting my services to design services made a major impact on my business and my family. Now I want to show YOU how to get the same results. 

Oh okay, all of that sounds great but….


So what was the key to building a 6 figure design biz? 



Getting Clear & Confident In My Skills



Creating a Simple Scalable System



Positioning Myself As An Expert

I like to call this the Stand Out Designer Method. These are the 3 key pillars you must focus on if you’re ready to go from jack-of-all-trades VA to booked out designer.

Once I was confident in my design skills, I had the courage to actually lead my potential clients through the sales process. With a little insight to their business I was able to pitch my packages as the solution to their problems and tell them what they actually needed. And it totally paid off! I had leads coming in on autopilot, I was able to successfully book 4-figure packages and onboard/manage those projects painlessly because of the systems I had set up.

Friend, now it’s your time to experience the same thing.

Don’t piece together other courses that only teach you skills OR business strategy. What you need is an all-in-one solution from someone who has actually been in your shoes. Trust me, when you master these three pillars the results are astounding.

I can’t wait for you to unlock your potential  with…


Stand Out & Shine Accelerator is a one-of-a-kind program that combines skills training and business strategy for freelancers ready to propel their business with a simple scalable system.

Accelerator Product (1000 x 1400 px) (1400 x 1000 px) (2) (1)

I’m officially overbooked!!! All of my clients are DREAM clients and the best part is it doesn’t even feel like work because I absolutely love what I do!

Long story short, I have always known that I wanted to use my creativity and eye for design for my business. I've literally been trying to figure out how to use my artistic abilities for years.

*Insert Stand Out & Shine* I finally was able to figure out what I wanted to do and pivoted to branding + web design pretty quickly after starting the course. I can't believe this is my job - I still get to be a SAHM and bring home substantial income while still being present with my family. Thanks for helping me find my true passion and giving this SAHM purpose!



go behind the scenes

Take a Tour of Stand Out & Shine Accelerator


 consider this your 

Fast-track to freelance design biz growth by getting a behind the scenes look at my hard-earned secrets to:

A roadmap for building/pivoting your business so you’re never stuck at what to do next. (without any fluff...)

Build confidence in your skills (so you can rock any project!) 

Developing high-end packages (that clients actually want!)

Building a strategic website for clients (that’s also gorgeous - bonus!)

Create systems that will help you scale to 6 figures (and save you tons of time)

Discover your secret sauce (that will erase the competition)

Sell your services with ease (because you’re an expert at what you do!)

2 (17)

Module 01: Uplevel Your Branding Skills

The secrets to creating a high-end design for yourself & clients

I’ll give you behind the scenes look at my entire system and branding process that I use to create irresistible designs for my clients. Learn the different programs you will need and my best tips and tricks for creating polished designs.

we'll dive into...

Moodboards, Color & Font Selections, and Logo Design 101

Your Branding Workflow

Design Programs 101

3 (14)

Module 02: Build Websites That Shine

A simple system for building a results-driven site

Hosting, Domains, and Designing - oh my! Don’t be intimidated about the technical details of building a website. I break down each step of my process in bite-sized video trainings so you know exactly how to create strategic site with minimal (or no!) coding required!

we'll dive into...

Step-by-step video trainings for EVERYTHING you need when building a site

Your Website workflow (+ Checklist!)

System for Strategic Design

WordPress Page Builders 101

4 (12)

Module 03: Pivot Your Business

Lay the foundation for your future booked out design biz

You’ve got the skills to back you up, so now it’s time to position yourself as the go-to expert. We will explore creating your signature service and your unique selling proposition that make you irresistible to new clients.

we'll dive into...

Your Unique Selling Proposition

Determine Your Niche

Your Signature Package

Nail Your Pricing

5 (9)

Module 04: Client Experience

Wow your clients with an automated workflow that leads the way

Together we will make sure you have an organized and automated workflow that will save you time and enhance the customer experience. I'm answering all of your questions about what it looks like to work with clients from onboarding to presenting designs and revisions.

we'll dive into...

Proposals that Sell

Project Trello Board Template

Your Onboarding and Offboarding Process

6 (9)

Module 05:  Sell Your Services & Finding Clients

create your marketing strategy and master the sales process

We'll create your personalized promotional plan to book discovery calls with dreamy clients. You'll learn how to confidently run a discovery call as the expert designer and close proposals with ease, and how to share your projects with the world to generate consistent traffic.

we'll dive into...

Discovery Calls that Sell

Visibility Strategies

Landing Your First Client

Sharing Your Projects & Generating Buzz

but that's not all...

You also get access to the following bonuses

1 (8)

bonus #01

Private Facebook Community

6 months of access to a private Facebook group so you can build a community with other designs. Network, share your wins, ask your questions and learn from others.

2 (7)

bonus #02

Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Get 6 months access to 1:1 support with bi-monthly coaching calls - listen to your fellow designers get coached about strategy, design feedback, pricing, sales calls, and more!

Copy of Bottoms Up Bonus

bonus #02

Templates & Swipe Files

Get access to the templates, workbooks and questionnaires I use in my own business when working with clients. Save yourself hours and make your designer workflows a breeze!

Mackenzie's course is amazing! You won’t be disappointed.

The course is laid out easy to follow, I still refer back to it for certain things I haven’t done a lot. Though the real learning comes when you actually go build websites, you find that you’ll run into issues. In that case Mackenzie and the course members are super helpful in helping you realize what you did wrong or troubleshoot the issue when one arises. The coaching calls are great too!


1D465D45-A38A-45B6-9905-233DAF9EB7DA - Katie Burd (1)

One month in I’m wrapping a branding client, then I have three web design clients coming up as well.

I was telling Hub the other day how amazing Mackenzie’s course is. The value contained in the systems and processes is priceless to me. It would have taken me years of figuring out how to reinvent the wheel, but here is SOAS and a month later, I’m launching my business. What wild parallel universe is this? This course is a game-changer.


Accelerator Product (1000 x 1400 px) (1400 x 1000 px) (2) (1)

Module 01: Uplevel Your Branding Skills (Value $497)

Module 02: Build Websites That Shine (Value $497)

Module 03: Pivot Your Business (Value $497)

Module 04: Client Experience (Value $497)

Module 05: Selling Your Services & Finding Clients (Value $497)

Bonus 1: 6 months access to Private Facebook Group (Value $797)

Bonus 2: 6 months of Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls (Value $997)

Bonus 3: Templates & Swipe Files (Value $497)

value $4,776



payment plans available

KELSEY (1) (1)

Mackenzie always makes me feel confident and gives me a safe space to ask any questions.

Mackenzie's Stand Out and Shine Program has it all! Whether you're just starting out or have been designing for a while and want to add branding or new design skills and processes to your skill set, it's all there. She's so full of knowledge and helps everyone no matter where they are.


I have never felt like I was alone on my journey because the private course group & coaching calls are so helpful!

I am so thankful for Mackenzie and her course. She does such a great job at walking you through step by step, literally turning you into a web designer! I was not sure if I would be able to pull off pivoting my business into something so 'techy,' but it has been the best investment I've made for myself. Four months in and I landed my first project at $1,500! The best part is I genuinely love what I do now and the clients keep coming! I am so busy all of a sudden but SO happy.


Marissa (1)


frequently asked questions

You can go ahead and search Google and Youtube website design tutorial videos to your hearts desire. Grab those freebies and store them away… But I’m afraid you’ll be...


For that right moment when you’ll finally feel prepared enough to launch your design business.

Or you can GO. FOR. IT. with someone with years of wisdom and create the business and life you’ve been longing for. Life is too short to not go ALL IN.

Join the Stand Out & Shine Accelerator today because the doors are closing soon. I don’t want you to wait months on the sideline watching others achieve YOUR goals before you finally take action and go after your dreams.

See you on the inside,

Accelerator Product (1000 x 1400 px) (1400 x 1000 px) (2) (1)

Module 01: Uplevel Your Branding Skills (Value $497)

Module 02: Build Websites That Shine (Value $497)

Module 03: Pivot Your Business (Value $497)

Module 04: Client Experience (Value $497)

Module 05: Selling Your Services & Finding Clients (Value $497)

Bonus 1: 6 months access to Private Facebook Group (Value $797)

Bonus 2: 6 months of Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls (Value $997)

Bonus 3: Templates & Swipe Files (Value $497)

value $4,776



payment plans available


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